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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


Video clip «Delta of Cassiopeia»

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«Delta of Cassiopeia | Free Digital Single» | Download

Music by Andrey Klimkovsky | Original: «Cassiopeia» - Studio Album

Video by Andrey Klimkovsky | Original video: Video clip «Delta of Cassiopeia»

Video clip «Delta of Cassiopeia»

Flight to the Cassiopaea Delta - view from the spaceship window wich called Stellarium

Add to the Free Digital Distribution Single "Delta Cassiopeia" I decided to make a video. It is completely unpretentious, but the idea of ​​such a visualization lived in me for a long time.

There is nothing particularly difficult here. A simple Stellarium program that can be downloaded and installed without any formalities is free. And about 70 screenshots of how this program visualizes the sky - in this case - the constellation Cassiopeia - with the increasing value of the zoom. It is the zoom, because we are not getting anywhere, but simply increase the scale and narrow the field of view.

Although, the illusion is created exactly as a flight. And this is good.

The most difficult thing was to dock static images so that they would grow together into a monotonous smooth glide of scale. Almost everywhere it was possible, except for a couple of moments. A side effect of such a montage was the increasing ripple of the central star - the very Cassiopeia Delta with the Arabic name “Rukbah”.

It is quite possible that - yes for sure - there is a way to do the same thing - a beautiful visualization of a similar “approach” to the selected star in the Stellarium program, but without performing such feats of painstaking gluing of 70 fragments. And for this, for sure, there are special plugins and scripts. But I have not mastered this technology yet, and I use primitive and laborious solutions. But I hope that this will surely succeed in the near future. And we are "flying off" to many more stars of different constellations.

And what about the Cassiopeia Delta itself? Some sources claim that it is a double star. The orbital period of the system is about 800 years — this is pretty fast for stars. I myself can not testify the duality of this star - I did not gaze. But now there is a reason. Located Cassiopeia Delta at a distance of 99 light years from us - it is not far. Most of the stars visible to the eye are significantly further.

Here, for example, not far from the Cassiopeia Delta - "in the middle of the flight" - you can see a spectacular open cluster of stars M103 - it is about 100 times farther away. And according to various estimates, it is from 8 to 10 thousand light years, and about a hundred stars "live" in it.

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