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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


District «Biryulyovo-Zapadnoe» | Photocross «20.5 km»


          Biryulyovo-Zapadnoe - the Moscow area located on the outskirts of the city and a large transport insulation from the rest of its territory - has long been in the priority list of places in which I intended to go on a leisurely jog with a camera. But in the autumn of last year, I did not have time, and in the winter (of course) to photograph not so interesting - snow and snow all around ... and the day short. This spring, in the photo-cross I was able to get out until the end of May. And of course I have no other options are not considered - certainly in Biryulёvo-Zapadnoe.

          This fairly compact residential area is located within the triangle of the two railways (Kursk and Paveletskaya branches) and the Moscow Ring Road, but the main isolation from the rest of Moscow are brutal industrial zone - the landfill opened occurrence of a heating, power plants, warehouses, fruit and vegetable base, breweries, car park, multi-row shunting path railway wagons and lagoons, abandoned wastelands ... why get into Biryulyovo-Zapadnoe is not easy, and the majority of Muscovites absolutely no reason to categorically do not want to.

          All the years of its existence, the area had a significant lack of transport. It does to this day. To get to Biryulyovo-west could be on the street. Podolsk cadets (turning to the Warsaw highway for 3 km to the MKAD), or from the Moscow Ring Road. His own motorway for Biryulyovo-west does not exist and can not exist even in the long term. Although along the Paveletskaya railway branch line and parallel to it runs quite wide Lipetsk street - no worse Varshavki. But she realizes transport Biryulyovo-eastern with western needs and has nothing to do - is not built at the time of any bridge or tunnel, and all sorts of ancient crossings closed.

          There are in the area and metro stations. Do not even planned - all kinds of promising and even the most fantastic inventions okolopravitelstvennyh laps around this place party - dig here are not willing, and the outrage of local residents in the style of "why and how long!" the answer given by the simple and has not changed since years: "you have two railway lines in the area - transport is not a problem!" . Indeed, residents Biryulyovo-west sometimes forced to stand for hours on the platforms of the Intercession stations Red builder (Kursk branch), slightly better than trains on branch Paveletskaya - Biryulyovo-passenger platform Biryulyovo-commodity. But to call it a full and comfortable public transport, I still can not - I know the hard way what it's like when trains are canceled and it is not known when the closest, and whether all the train today.

          Fortunately, such a distance, I always move the run and as I was frequently in recent years Biryulyovo, never by bus or by train did not use - from me to the nearest houses of the oasis of socialism only 5 km away, the truth just through the midst of the industrial zone.

          Of course, to start photographing would have to be closer to the purpose of the trip. But in the first half a kilometer I met some very frisky runner dashing runs uphill. I had to stop and take a picture of it almost at point blank range. She did say something, but what I did not hear - the music played in the ears.

          The next stop was the photographic railway station Red builder - it is 4 km run. For station formally started Biryulyovo.

          But following a kilometer and a half, had to flee for the industrial zone, that a photographic point of view can be had and interesting if I wanted to capture the industrial zone. But to be honest, except technologically-apocalyptic type CHP plots there was little.

          I confess that runs along this road in Biryulyovo whenever make me fear restrained - counter person create a feeling that I have not ran to Biryulyovo and to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran. Well, located directly on the rate of all known Biruliovsky fruit and vegetable base evokes not the most cheerful thought.

          However, this time the road seemed very friendly and bright - no accumulations of heavy trucks on the roadside, noisy companies workers from the south, piles of garbage on the sides - all more or less a human being ... I guess I've been in Biryulyovo was not. Towards blithely drove a young girl on a bicycle. "Oh, you brought something here - why?" - I thought, and took a picture of cyclist.

          I have not worked out the route beforehand this photo cross and therefore most likely chose the path is not the most optimal way. Upon reaching the living spaces Biryulyovo-west I ran around the perimeter of the area, and in this part of the perimeter again borders on the production area and the pictures were for a long time all the terrible terrible.

          Though forced to admit that in the sinister silhouettes of heat exchange towers at sunset has its own aesthetics.

          Somewhere in these parts years ago, more than 30 more students we met on the observation at a party at my friend Albert planetarskogo Garnelisa. Then Biryulyovo-Western was one of the best places to observe the stars from the balcony - an open horizon, the illumination from the center of Moscow is still weak then - all in the north. But soon we built the "Chernobyl", a haze of smoke and steam the whole sky, and had Albert (and us along with it) selected on the observation to his dacha in the Moscow region Cherusti - almost 200 km by train, but not for the branch, which is in Biryulyovo.

          For many years, being transported isolated from all the rest of Moscow Biryulyovo-West retained its originality, uniqueness, and as if would not hurry to get to the future, which has managed to get all the other residents of the capital. Whenever they find themselves in Biryulyovo I caught myself thinking that this area is not only a place on the map, he is also a segment on the timeline - in that part of it which is left of the "X" - in the past. Here, almost nothing has changed. Well, we built a continued street. Podolsk cadets at the perimeter of the area with access to the Ring Road, which immediately rushed to all the lords of the iron trash that used to stand in a traffic jam on the Warsaw highway. But life Biryulyovo-west it touched in passing - in the area is booming suspended animation progress and development of cryonics. The feeling that somehow miraculously you woke up in a deep scoop, takes over the gills with no children's tenderness ;-)))

          It was only on the horizon mirages shine silhouettes megalomania of a new era that will never come here.

          Large-scale housing construction in Biryulyovo-west is not conducted - the economic benefit from the sale of new apartments would have been here the lowest in Moscow. For the same reason there is no new stores, supermarkets - all that was built in the 70s - 80s, is enough area. This park areas are no built-up and gradually ennobled. After all, the point of building there is practically no.

          Moving around the perimeter of the area, I could not pass both "Biruliovsky" railway station - Biryulyovo passenger-and-Biryulyovo commodity. It seems that all these years, and to this day it is the epicenter of the two main stations are about Biruliovsky life.

          But there is a third hub - shop "7th Continent". When in the early 80's in a part of Chertanovo, which is as close bordered on Biryulyovo, and where I lived for many school years, shut down the only bread shop ChERTANOVSKAJa residents had no alternative but to just sit on a packed bus №296 and scored to go - across the bridge, an incinerator, a cemetery - in this very shop for daily bread. In those early years, even in the mind to imagine the possibility of the passage of this terrible road could not be anyone on foot. Of course now, no one goes out of Chertanovo in Biryulyovo for bread, but the way this does not seem so sinister and along the sidewalks and were on them even go to people who are worn by bikers. And the store several times changed its name remains a major granary of the area to this day.

          Perhaps because Square and stretches from the store to another Biruliovsky attractions - theater Biryusinka - is very popular among residents of the area.

          In this square like all the running and I ran. Soon I noticed that I was with interest have two girls on bicycles - are flush a little behind - as if trying to figure out - "as he so zip can?" For a long time I carried could not - I had a very running hard week and today's photo-cross event is planned as a restorative, but I already moved to implement it all frames. Therefore closer to Biryusinka I persuaded the girls to go to overtake. But they immediately turned on the sports ground - they were not interested to go without a runner.

          Taking this opportunity, I explained to them what I'm doing here, which led to their considerable surprise.

          Then I took another small hook on Bulatnikovskaya street that would be on the opposite side of her return to the theater and see how he lived. Cinema Biryusinka where all school days, we went to watch a movie (because Ashgabat and Angara were from my place of residence more or less well-located in terms of transport, although in my area, formally), vegetating in a comatose oblivion. It was not on the facade of any name, nor even signs that it is - a cinema that at least some life sometimes wakes up here ... maybe because - does not wake up. However, it would be possible to ask the locals - "What the cinema in general?!" . But I did not want to pass for non-native or ponaehavschim, of which there are, and so the floor area - not less. In addition, the evening came and it was time to investigate.

          Leave Biryulyovo-west I decided the other way - through the railway station of the Intercession - just past the cemetery and incinerator. There was a chance to catch the bridge to sunset. And I almost had.

          Although, the most interesting for me (because - quite unexplored) northern edge of the area, this time was not my focus - as I wrote in the beginning, the route was not planned and of course to grasp even a small district of Moscow as Biryulyovo-west one photo Cross is hardly possible.

В заключении я подведу итоги пробежки:

  • length: 20,5 km
  • the total time of the photo-cross: 2 h 45 m
  • running time: about 2 h
  • the total number of photos: 323
  • they are more or less successful: 204
  • Average running pace: about 6 min/km

link to route: District «Biryulyovo-Zapadnoe» | Photocross «20.5 km»


And finally, all the 204 photographs that seemed to me reasonable to publish for you: