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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


Parade of Planets | Live by Andrey Klimkovsky and Friends

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  • CD 1
    1. Collapse of Matter
    2. Schmidt's Theory
    3. Imperceptible Planet
    4. Mariner_10
    5. Near the Sun
    6. Radio-Target
    7. Mercury - Dark Side
    8. HeartBeat of Space
    9. SunWind
    10. Shadow Zone
    11. Last Look on Mercury
    12. New Orbit is Set | Studio version

  • CD 2
    1. Twilight | Long version
    2. solitaryFlight
    3. Tau-Morphing
    4. Fire of the Glow over a Sea
    5. IntroTrance
    6. InterGalactic Trance
    7. OutroTrance
    8. Emptiness
    9. A lone guitar in the night
    10. BreakPoint
    11. Astral Dance of Sun
    12. Radio-Target | Studio version


  • Andrey Klimkovsky - music, arrangement, syntesizers, bass
  • Vyacheslav Kulikov - syntesizers
  • Nikita Kalutsky - syntesizers, guitar

          Concert of "Planet Parade" took place on December 27, 2003 in the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

          It was one of the most unexpected concert Andrey Klimkovsky. In fact, after enchanting "Weightless", siyavshey dazzling spotlights at the State Darwin Museum, hardly a month passed. Composer not only prepared a 3-hour concert, but also presented in it the new album - "Mercury" from the new series "Parade of Planets". The name of the cycle and at the same time became the name of the concert.

          In concert posters central position occupied phrase became the motto of the concert - "Come back in elektrokosmos 70". Appeal to the era of 30-year-old was nesluchanym, because in those years the largest in the world cosmonautics vector effort has been directed to explore distant planets. That's when the American spacecraft "Mariner_10" first photographed the planet Mercury with a relatively close distance.

          Amazing was and electronic music of those years. Since from the arsenals of electronics musicians little by little evaporated vintage analog synthesizers, the sound of this style of music has evolved. It does not become worse. It was different. And listening to modern music it is difficult or even impossible to imagine the cosmic victory of a bygone era. Not feeling it creates a great breakthrough, and it was just a breakthrough, a revolution.

          At this concert Andrey Klimkovsky and managed to recreate the atmosphere and the sound of music 70. To control analog synthesizers was invited composer Vyacheslav Kulikov. Guitarist Nikita Kalutsky playing acoustic guitar passed through the effect processor, and mixed the whole shtormopodobny concert sound and recorded his sound engineer Pavel Baranov, who produced shortly before the concert "Weightlessness".

          Just a considerable share of the success of the concert brought the original video support Oksana Klimkovsky. The unique technology of rear projection video hall of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics literally suffered at the time of the concert, and the audience in muzkantov and sparkling stars twinkle interplanetary distances, where a space music Andrew Klimkovsky live their life incomprehensible universe.


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