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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


Evening Venus - as seen in Moscow


          In the article " Starry Sky in November 2013 ," in which I described the conditions of visibility of planets this month I spotted evening visibility of Venus as unsatisfactory . This really is one of those rare occasions when even worse visibility of this planet can come up with a purely theoretical . But this does not mean that see Venus from Moscow these days is impossible. Moreover, from the beginning of summer , Venus was visible for a short time on the western horizon for a few minutes after sunset , but with the proviso that " no horizon littered " and the atmosphere is transparent , and you know exactly where to look, because , that a few minutes of searching doom them to failure. Venus at that time was just beginning its distance from the Sun , and every day the distance separating these two lights on the celestial sphere grew. But along with that Venus is sinking deeper into the southern celestial hemisphere and one change offset another - the duration of the evening visibility of Venus does not increase . I remember , as August 15 this year at a joint treadmill workout I intentionally paved the route so that the appointed hour to be on top of the ski complex " Bottleneck " , which offers a near perfect view - even the Ostankino TV tower can be seen in good weather , though she and the other end of Moscow. And that's where we - I and three runner - panting after a steep climb saw this sparkling point exactly to the ghostly band of space where the sky merges with the Earth ... But we had to go down the hill with the bulk of several meters , as Venus disappeared behind the dark silhouettes of buildings Konkovo ​​neighborhood .

          The next time I saw Venus only in the Crimea in October - after a week of rain , snow and dreary overcast weather atmosphere yet been free on cloudless location for us. And it turned out that at 10 degrees latitude south of Moscow , ceteris paribus Venus appears excellent, and in Moscow - all the same.

          There was a period between the return of the Crimea and the day today , when I was not up to it , and to be honest , I did not take the camera in hand with the arrival in Moscow . But the last few days in Moscow established several strange weather , during the day when the rain comes , but by evening the gigantic wall of water pushed aside like the scenery in the theater, and in a few minutes the sky is cloudless and extremely transparent. And today I'm assuming it was such a turn - hydro developments , decided to use this pattern for what would once again see Venus and possibly photographed.

          Gold bar turning into turquoise sky - so rare for Moscow - shade cloudless sky erupted in the west just in time ? and I took the camera and tripod went to a nearby clearing in Bitza Forest Park , which has already built up a couple of years as nonsense , but still a bit of space there was to stay. I saw Venus already on the way to a clearing - very low - just for cutting the sky above the forest . Sense to go on was not - approach to clearing only worsened conditions - only one edge of the forest would have risen above. And I got straight on the road , which in this part is also pedestrian and car simultaneously.

          At this point, the sky cleared completely - some five minutes and clouds as usual. But it was still light - except Venus in the sky or stars. Ctoilo me tripod spread wide as the sky slowly sailed Iridium - satellite communications - have such a special group of satellites ( although the project is old and they are becoming less) solar panels which allowed the Earth sunbeams , and if anyone gets in , then he sees both something bright sky floats - comparable with Venus or even the moon (it - if " hit the top ten "), but a few seconds later it was gone - bunny and bunny without Iridium itself is not visible. Well, I take pictures of it , of course, did not have time . However, not for this I came here .

          Aim , brought sharpness - it's easy to Venus ( here in the Crimea with this case I suffered greatly , because Venus and there only in the evening and at night within the Observatory bright , but not to find a remote spark ) , and it turned out that it is exactly track of some very popular flight - one aircraft crossed this part of the sky after another. Venus photograph without any aircraft barely managed . But as soon as I had time to test all relevant exposure and zoom position as Venus disappeared behind the trees and the last shot of her incredibly turned through fan lighting facilities owned a bygone era of socialism and for several decades do not emit no light, no smoke ...

          It's only been 10 minutes since my arrival at the forest edge. But somehow it got dark quickly and the sky poured star ...