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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


District «North Chertanovo» | Photo-cross


          Previous similar adventure was in May this year . I would often choose to jog with a camera. But in fact, the camera while running is not a very useful thing . Therefore, it is appropriate only in those cases where training is not hard , slow recovery ... well , when jogging - no training , and this - the paradox and the reason that the camera I did not take with him . But the idea of ​​living simply postponed and waited the best of circumstances .

          Circumstances flocked yesterday. A day earlier, I decided to run despite the endless rains - a run through the woods, where it is difficult to imagine was the state of the track . Already on the way to the forest , it became clear that the soil there is catastrophically sodden state. But I decided to stay until the end of the hero and lasted more than 14 km and when it was over, I was so dirty , what was never , though never fell , and even slipped , but do not run away from our clay?

District «North Chertanovo» | Photo-cross

          The next day , ie yesterday, I still hurt the very muscular pain, which suggests a significant load, after which just need a very easy recovery run. And then I remembered about the idea to combine jogging and photographing neighborhoods . But it was already in the evening and go on a long journey there was no point . The object of his striding little bit of photographic journey I chose neighborhood " North Chertanovo " .

          In recent years, Moscow nomenklatura only increased the confusion . Between municipal district " Chertanovo North " neighborhoods and " North Chertanovo " have considerable differences . In this map it styled with an addiction to smack nomenclature style pushing the word " North " in the second position that completely wrong - historically this place is called " North Chertanovo " and not as nice to hear the bureaucrats of the modern era . Besides it over many of them.

          Design this area began shortly after Moscow joined as a significant new territory from the local railway to the Ring Road , which was then just beginning to build. As part of Moscow came in large numbers in rural settlements and rural type - NAGATINO , Zyuzino , State Farm " Red Lighthouse " ( on former open spaces which I now live) . Cheratnovo, as the area gets its name from a small river flowing here and today - Chertanovki - actually coincided with the outlines of the farm lands Red lighthouse - there were all very old and mostly already ramshackle huts, barns , piggeries , fields Spikes rye and drove Harvesters - it is in the early 70s in Moscow - he saw , and then , as a child, perceived perfectly normal.

          The northern part of these spaces was practically uninhabited due to the peculiarities of the landscape - there were places marshy delta and represented two small springs . Here it was decided to build a new type of urban neighborhood , though built on a swamp - and then it was probably a questionable idea ? Yes, but unless the party and government - argue ?

District «North Chertanovo» | Photo-cross

          Successor constructivism new architectural style in the spirit of the original Futurism assumed for those years of high-rise residential structures containing duplex apartments Suites , long corridors passing through the entire length of the zigzag structures , flower attics and balconies (eventually became wild greenhouses overgrown indomitable loach , partially hide entire facades of buildings ! ) bridges connecting individual housing , an abundance of special premises , spacious ground floor and the observation deck on the roof . All the buildings were grouped in an interesting way in the labyrinth in the inner part of which were located kindergartens, schools , and the local House of Culture Palace of Pioneers . Only highway " bathing the " this oasis future was decided to remove the tunnel with one-way traffic , and under all these projects, in addition roomy underground parking (at the rate - Vehicle family - among other things !) Planned ( and was ) to build a bomb shelter 100,000 people.

          Apartments in this quite apart landscape fenced off from the rest of the under construction " new Moscow " received mostly VIP-guests of the socialist era. These were ministers, diplomats , parliamentarians, labor heroes , scientists, directors of factories and large enterprises. Only , but great for those years , Supermarket located on the outskirts of the neighborhood was one of the best supply in the city and at the time when the rest of the shops in the district cynically smiling buyer empty shelves , this was all Prodmag . And it could buy just randomly stopped by anything and in any quantity. But , surprisingly, the majority of people living close to the Muscovites from neighboring buildings neither sleep nor spirit did not know about the victory of communism in a particular neighborhood , at least until it was just something - crossing a field , but the creek jump ... And all because people were are busy every day working and not spend precious weekend for shopping and exploring the surrounding area for " something to grab ." And maybe because they had children to educate and kinder than - we now have .

District «North Chertanovo» | Photo-cross

          However, very soon discovered that this comfortable , respectable area of Moscow is still not very suitable for a prosperous life - a place where it was built , was extremely unpleasant subject to aerodynamic influences and winds are blowing every day, nasty , wet , similar to the draft. The residents of this neighborhood were getting cold and was sick more often residents of neighboring districts . And even I - not quite hunched rheumatism grandfather - whenever converge across the field and across the river with the child to school in there the Palace of Pioneers certainly some ill ARI child - too. And this is not surprising, because the delta confluence of the rivers in this place and bogs adjacent seats not by themselves suddenly took here in times past - that there were reasons - hydrosphere , atmospheric biosphere . And nature is also not -argue . Ultimately, all " North Chertanovskaya know" to the restructuring of its two-storey flat poprodavat and now there is not no class differences - live the same people as the average in Moscow - who is simpler, and who is more difficult .

          This neighborhood never knew infill development , although the place for this barbarism in it. And it is only one object for more than 40 years of existence, constantly undergoing certain changes - on the shore of the pond , arose when transferring riverbed , along with other buildings were laid the foundation of a tall building . Soon after the foundation has cracked , become crawl ashore and construction stopped for two decades . Something tried to strengthen and suddenly grew new tower cranes on the construction site abandoned , but soon disappeared cranes and was adding to the building floor landing. In the 90s , the Moscow authorities " tomb " build, the doors and windows, sanitary ware ( bath , toilet bowls ) and happily forgotten about its existence . Soon all of her most valuable " treasures " have resolved to construction markets . And only in the XXI century this wreck resulted in feelings. While there was a process , it looked gigantic hulk on the background of relatively low houses of the district, but hardly object was commissioned as its adjacent wetlands began the construction of even more terrible facilities. When their construction and decoration completed all around and transformed the former giant lost close to the new buildings twice the height - these skyscrapers can be compared perhaps only now with skyscrapers Moscow City . Although , a lot with them and remains at the country level and abandoned ideas and not embodied not finish .

          From my house to the North Cheratnovo a little over three kilometers. I started taking pictures at the beginning of the way, but most of the pictures already made ​​in this " reserve" . Dusk, and I do not set goals to run around with a camera all the nooks neighborhood. But managed to take a picture of the main types . I crossed across the territory and even delved a little aside Bittsevsky forest park reaching Hippodrome Bitza almost right up to the North Cheratnovo adjoins . It's quite popular - here transit routes workouts many runners and cyclists , I myself am running here regularly. Passed the night I witnessed training of young walkers ( race walking ) . And despite the fact that the coach these kids was very severe, I managed to make a number of frames in the existing micro-report about their merry Boating Moon.

          My track on the map: