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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


22 km with a camera | Photocross | Yasenovo


          I decided to combine business with pleasure ... but here is not so useful and a lot of - the whole point is that to re- learn , too , that once I could - running long , non-stop and without fatigue. But having taken a camera , I had to accept the fact that numerous stops will still be.

          Long ago , and parallel , inherently not bad idea - chosen this method any particular and every time a new area of ​​Moscow and make it surface photo-description.

          This time I went to Yasenevo - it's not far , just through the woods from me. And there was that shoot .

          Process took place so I with a camera in his hand ran up Jasenevo ( it is about 4 km from home - tried to run quite slowly and more feet to watch) and finding interesting points for shooting stopped, turned off the music in the player , making a number of frames included music and ran down . Time taken was not considered. Measured only when running. Route memorable. The last frame was placed on the edge of a forest park near the intersection of Bittsevsky forest park , Rokotova and Solovyiny street - it's just 4 km from the house. These last 4 km I allowed myself to break away and raced at full speed - amazing, but after a leisurely 22 km races with a few stops forces were many more .

The result was as follows:

route length of 21.9 km
running time 2:00 00 minutes (this happened by accident)
photocross total time 3 hours 30 minutes - not exactly

I made more than 200 shots. Part processed.

entire route of my journey: