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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


Yuzhnoye Butovo at the edge of autumn and summer | photo gallery


          For Muscovites do not have to tell where it is - in these former fields and forests are now walking train called "light metro" - even if you do not know the geography of the Moscow region, the train will take. Well, from me all these places are literally within walking distance.

          When the fuss is still under construction, I was served in those sparsely edge with a telescope on the observation and photographing stars, walked there with the dog (because a long time ago I had a dog!), Walked there with a child, and now my regular 30-kilometer jogging a part of the route goes through all this young Moscow region. That's only in recent times there is a camera, I almost did not appear.

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          Maybe I disappoint someone that this time I just sat on the subway and corny reached the final station of the Moscow metro line Butovskaya. Running did not. It seems to be only 15 kilometers, but on Sunday the Moscow International Peace Marathon - I had planned to participate, and therefore refrained from unplanned jogging a few days before the competition. Not yet tired.

          There was a modest plan - take pictures until the end of regular batteries. More still at a time does not remove - South Butovo district is not small, larger than the North several times. I decided to limit the surroundings Metro station "Bunin alley" - just to get around the huge pond - to the dam and back - it is a hike. Night was falling, but the sky was clear and the gentle rays of the sun lit up inclines beautiful scenery of water, greenery and stone modern architecture economy class.

          I love Moscow buildings. Of course, I accept them a lot of minuses, and sometimes very bad taste to note in this or that project. But this is not important for me. I'm looking here more that zamaterevshih from asphalt gray dust of old Moscow truscheb forever lost.

          We are committed to the comfort and livability. We wish that would be at the entrance stood a bench, and around a small pripodezdnogo palisadnichka - fence. What would anybody when we do not trample our grass, and that no one would have parked her little car across the gate of my garazhika. Our private property as "Mishkin porridge" with age creeps out of the windows and door of the apartment, flooding all the surrounding space, and very soon we will begin to talk - my stop, my store, our playground and let the kids out of the house next door did not come here to play. For garage grows Mountain Minerals my things Oldest bumper bruising once the wing (suddenly more useful) to the previous car ...

          At some point we all resets the home that would employ immigrants (scary to think - in fact too alien!) Workers and isolate the yard of our house from the same exact courtyard of the neighboring house and put the booth with a guard - "Strangers do not let him in!". Before the exit of the highway barrier-Ground ... Private property! Respect!

          Meanwhile, we do not mind, that would be on the territory of the inviolability of a sudden, like Amanita after the rain rose beer stand - this is a good thing! besides returning in the evening (no matter where) it is possible to intercept and a loaf of bread. And because drunks around, too - our, family ... co-founders, after all!

          And the damn whom only growing. Now wherever they will look - everything someone. And I used to think that this is my city and at the same time - total. Now I see - it is very, very alien. Although I never anything special for the well-being did not have to, but looking at this "privatization" I'm starting to feel more acutely that to me now and something was missing. Probably - air - he, too, is someone.

          So, in the tasteless concrete boxes built buildings still have a common and clear air. It is not blocked by a track in the parks, do not lie across the concrete blocks prohibiting travel, run and run.

          Here you can walk, run, breathe freely and it seems that in these places the armor Earthly Turtles not so trodden as in front of the Mausoleum, and walking is still possible to feel the love and warmth that, day and night trying to tell us our planet, as it were, Besides, we did not resist ...

          You can be tempted to criticize aesthetes and those who designed these streets and neighborhoods - say, all under the unnatural right angle and klonopodobno. But I would not - fuss remarkably well designed. The axis of light metro line was drawn for a park area on which you can traverse the entire region from the southern suburbs to the Butovo forest. PRK turned wide and branched, and natural landscape of the area has presented several rivers and lakes rimmed competently footpaths and squares. Districts respectfully apart and leave plenty of space outside of residential areas and the space is used for its intended purpose - anywhere in Moscow I have not seen so much activity, cultural holidaymakers people. I am once again convinced that people feel indicated in the paragraph above, and ... instead of that would go to the stall or the garage, muttering under his breath, "My, my, my ..." wear roller skates, a bicycle saddle, bow tie and shoes go for a run and it shows. In Chertanovo - not seen in Biryulyovo, Zyuzin, Nagatino - not visible. And here - in sight. I can not see a drunk and tabakodymyaschih ... they are definitely there too, but they are afraid to go out - who will move suddenly bicycle ... give running shoes on the thick beer, soft place ... and hide because for the time being ...

          Unfortunately, and I understand that it is time to come. She comes everywhere. And here, with barriers, signs, "only for the residents of the cooperative", grumbling under his breath, "My, my, is not enough ..." certainly will be - just let life. But still it is far from here. And I naively use its absence, here and breathe the freedom of a draw. Here, even I - nobody, and therefore can be a common and useful for many people.

          Not only for themselves.