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          Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad.


Trekking «Stupino - Serpukhov» | Moscow region


          The idea of ​​this campaign is mature for several years. When we go on the Oka River near the village of Stupino "Sokolova Pustyn 'I was wondering - Where does this road that stretches along the beach away from the town of Stupino - a child thought about it. Later - when there were excellent satellite maps - it became clear that within walking distance of this road is just as big city - Serpukhov. For the day of the journey can be reached. And when I got into running and ran the first 30 kilometers in my life, there was not an adequate idea - to run out of Stupino Serpukhov - there is only a 60 ...

          But - to run without intelligence - it even seemed to me wrong, and I decided to first go through the whole distance on foot - to see how the track for the race, if there is water in the way, and the food options are gathering in that case.

          These were months of my rapid entry into the race and I ran without sparing himself, earning an injury for injury, have not yet made themselves felt in full and did not stop. For a couple of weeks prior to this campaign, I participated in a night event "Running in the Summer Night", a week before the events described - in the club event called "Peskobeg", which, though not differ by more mileage, but took from me a lot of natural resources. And on the day of the campaign I dragging his left leg (pulled thigh) and has started to hurt the periosteum in the right lower leg. I did not know all this, and because the price hike is not postponed.

          The route of march was not the best - it was possible to cut in several places, but I intentionally walked the long way - very much like to overcome 60 km. And I was sure that they will be typed here at least. Although the later survey tracks showed that six dozen kilometers it is still not there.

          Upon arrival of the first train at Stupinky Station (around 8 am - Stupino, it is about 2 hours from Moscow), I went through the whole city what to buy in the store for food and water on the road - the first part of the journey along the way making photographs, mostly in the genre of " Selfies ", which in 2007 was not so popular, and I had a camera with an old - film, so the quality of pictures presented at the end of this report someone can scare.

          With an I had a travel bag. In it - a camera with interchangeable lenses, folding travel stool stored evening chocolate and even some traffic fines. It seems to be nonsense, but in combination with the margin on one side of this burden will soon become very tiring, and when in the middle of the campaign was the refuse left leg, then I realized why none of smart people do not go hiking with a travel bag and prefer backpacks or satchels.

          Saturday morning at the beginning of the 9th hour in Stupino has worked Prodmag and I bought a couple of buns and a couple of packets of juice. Perhaps water or tea would be better, but these turned out to be 2 liters in handy, because in the next 20 kilometers to buy something not possible - before the start of the Serpukhov district shops were not the route.

          Travel strategy was as follows: about an hour, I walked briskly (6-7 mph), once an hour gave a rest with increasing duration - first 5 minutes, then 10, 15 ... All stops and arrival at one time or another settlement recorded in a specially harvested notebook - he is now somewhere lying around, but look for it and publish all the details of it here I through excess. After passing through the village of "Sokolova Pustyn 'road began to deteriorate, turning from asphalt to dirt or crushed rock.

          The water met for the first time only in the area of ​​the village "Malyushina Dacha". Cheerleaders makeshift checkpoint to GAI village "Priluki", near which was located some "Nashistsky" youth camp and travel to long distance transport on this route was closed.

          But starting from the village, "Pryluky" Everything changed - I left the Stupino district, entered the Serpukhov. And with its invisible borders suddenly started a great new asphalt, road markings, zebra, road signs, shops in the villages, bus stop with a roof. There I joined the reserves of food and water, as almost everything had been drunk and eaten. And paced fun. That's just the legs have begun to complain and had to endure a new experience.

          The first half of the campaign it was hot. Even excessively hot, but in the area of ​​"Igumnovo" village flew the storm clouds began gusty wind - rain was inevitable. But ahead lay Prioksky State Reserve - many kilometers route passed in the uninhabited wooded area and I was at the very peak of thunderstorm or away from a shelter. The first stage of rain jets was unusually warm - a hot shower. But after 10 minutes he was replaced just iced waterfall. I took the precaution shirt - travel bag withstood it all - all the valuables remained dry in it. Reaching the nearest bus stop is at the exit of the Reserve, a few kilometers, I dressed and warmed up, waited for the rest of the rain.

          It was the longest halt - something around 40 minutes. And like I had a rest, I eat. But the body has decided that the trial is over. Getting back exhausted legs could go with incredible difficulty. I literally dragging his left leg and suffered pain in the right lower leg - the journey became a torment and suffering.

          Incidentally it was very heavy traffic in the Serpukhov district. And knowing the physical fatigue of the overcoming of kilometers I have refused to run on this track. But to reach the end was for me important. Therefore, on the bus, I did not sit down - once trudged up.

          Asking the way already in Serpukhov I made a significant detour on the way to the train station, which extended the length of the route, but he could not reach up to 60 km. Its length was 58 km. The exact time to overcome the way, I do not remember, but the net time in traffic, I spent a little less than 10 hours. On halts it took another hour and a half. Ominously me at the finish looked just my wet sneakers.